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About Us

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At Seaside Realty Inc., our core values prioritize loyalty and honesty above all else. With almost 22 years of experience in finding homes, negotiating the best possible deals, and managing properties, we pride ourselves on operating discreetly and professionally. Our team of agents is well-equipped to handle the management, sale, rental, and listing of properties all over the island, regardless of size.

Our journey in the property business began in 1999 with our involvement in the project management of Millennium Heights, one of the largest gated communities of apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and private residences on the island. As appointed property managers for the entire site, we have established international contacts and developed strong relationships with our clients over the years.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Lee Gooding and his wife, Chantelle Gooding, our company has grown to become what it is today, thanks to the dedication of our exceptional team. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the property market, combined with our reputation for quality and friendly service, make us the perfect partner for any property need.


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