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Asheida Mayers
Creative Marketing Executive & Office Manager
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With a strong foundation in psychology and a passion for marketing and technology, Asheida brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her role.

Asheida's journey led her to Seaside Realty, where she initially joined to assist with administrative tasks and digital media marketing. Her unique ability to identify inefficiencies and optimize internal systems quickly allowed her to grow within the company, achieving remarkable progress in a short timeframe.

Today, Asheida is at the forefront of managing the Seaside brand. Her skill set spans content strategies, project management, team leadership, and fostering strong client relations, all focused on consistently delivering exceptional results. She's not just a marketer; she's a creative dedicated to crafting and developing innovative marketing strategies for our team.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Asheida's passions are a testament to her adventurous spirit. She's passionate about wellness, travel, design, and exploring new places.

In addition to her career and personal interests, Asheida is an active member of the Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados, where she dedicates her time and energy to making a meaningful impact in her community.

Asheida is poised to continue making a lasting mark at Seaside and beyond.

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