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Surveyors and Valuers

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Need a Valuation or Land Survey in Barbados? We Can Help!
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According to the law, only accredited valuers can carry out property appraisals. A visit to the property is required for any valuation. Therefore, it is necessary to set up an appointment with the valuer. The land assessment process usually takes a few minutes. However, if there is a structure on the land, it may take some time. The valuer will need a copy of the plot plan and the building plan. If available, it would be useful to provide a copy of the last land tax bill as well. On average, it takes around an hour to gather all the relevant information for an average-sized property. This process involves measuring the building dimensions (both interior and exterior), and acquiring all other necessary information and details. It is important to note that valuers are not land surveyors. Therefore, they cannot point out land boundaries or measure the land's area.

Once all the required information is gathered, the valuer will prepare a professional document that shows the recent market value of the property. This document will also explain how the market value was ascertained. The preparation of this document may take up to a week.

It is advisable to inform the valuer about the purpose of the valuation (e.g. mortgage, insurance, attorney). This way, the valuer can ensure that the relevant information is included in the report.


Quantity Surveyors 

There are various Quantity Surveyors available on the island who possess extensive knowledge of construction economics, and they can assist you with a range of services. These services include:

• Providing advice on project costs
• Advising on the size and standard of structure that can be built for a specific budget
• Offering guidance on the economics of a project and budget preparation
• Cooperating with other consultants to ensure that the building stays within the approved budget
• Advising on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements
• Preparing tender documents and arranging contracts
• Maintaining financial control during construction to ensure that the budget is not exceeded without authorization
• Collaborating with the architect, engineer, and other consultants to ensure that the financial provisions of the contract are correctly interpreted and applied, thereby safeguarding the client's financial interests.

We've listed a few Quantity Surveyors below, but for the most complete list, consult the local phone directory.

Anchor Consultants Inc.

10 Chelwood, Two Mile Hill

St. Michael

Tel: (246) 228-0598


Ardent (B'Dos) Ltd.

Jordans House, Jordans

St. George

Tel: (246) 429-1510


BCQS International Limited

Orena Street, Law Main Road

Christ Church

Tel: (246) 428-8091  Email:


Bruce Shaw Project Services

West Coast Mall

St. James

Tel: (246) 432-7957


Cooper Kaufman Ltd.

Clevelands, Brittons Road

St. Michael

Tel: (246) 436-0440  Email:


Cost Engineering Surveyors Inc.

Corner 1st Avenue Belleville & George Street

St. Michael

Tel: (246) 436-9203   Email:


Design Collaborative

Lauriston, Collymore Rock

St. Michael

Tel: (246) 426-1741   Email:


Ferdinand David S Associates

60 Durants Golf Course

Christ Church

Tel: (246) 427-0844


Gregory Jackman

17 Wilcox Ridge

Christ Church

Tel: (246) 420-6631


H F Toppin Associated Ltd.

Corner Olton & Welches Road

St. Michael

Tel: (246) 426-6598


Jireh Consultants Inc.

Worthing Plaza, Worthing

Christ Church

Tel: (246) 434-6734    Email:


KBH Consulting

2 10th Avenue Belleville

Pine Road, St. Michael

Tel: (246) 435-4883    Email:


M A T Consulting Inc.

Black Rock, St. Michael

Tel: (246) 231-5822


Taylor Henry L Associates

Sherwood, Government Hill, St. Michael

Tel: (246) 228-1578


Total Project Services Ltd.

Dover Court, Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church

Tel: (246) 420-3143


Wright Paul D Associates

Dunoon, Rockley, Christ Church

Tel: (246) 437-3042



Land Surveyor

Before buying or selling any property, get it surveyed! A licensed Land Surveyor will map the boundaries, giving you peace of mind and avoiding potential issues down the line.

Gill & Warren Associates Inc.
Land Surveyors
Little Edgehill, Edgehill, St. Thomas, Barbados W. I.
T. (246) 425-3553 F. (246) 425-0426

David N. D. Gill & Robert S. Warren - Directors
Licensed Land Surveyors

Members of the Barbados Land Surveyors Association

With over 20 years of experience, they provide professional, reliable, and accurate survey services of all types.

To verify boundaries, the cost starts at $1,500. The price may vary depending on the size and location of the land as well as individual requirements.



Here is a list of companies we have previously worked with. For a comprehensive list, please refer to our local telephone directory.

BCQS International Ltd
"Orena", St. Lawrence Main Road, Christ Church.
Tel: (246) 428-8091 / Fax: (246) 428-7820

Cost Engineering Surveyors Inc.
Corner 1st Avenue Belleville & George Street, St. Michael.
Tel: (246) 436-9203 / Fax: (246) 433-5129

Highclere Properties Inc.
Colgate Palmolive Building, Harbour Road, St. Michael.
Tel: (246) 424-1070 / Fax: (246) 435-4827

George A Ramsay & Co. Ltd.
Suite 3, Welches, St. Thomas
Tel: (246) 438-1376 / Fax: (246) 425-3053

H F Toppin Associates Ltd.
Corner Olton & Welches Road, St. Michael.
Tel: (246) 426-6598 / Fax: (246) 436-0684

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